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Watch, Learn and get a steady source of Income

We specialize in tracking 6 currency pairs and 4 commodities within our portfolio watchlist for best results. The selection of trade alerts from these pairs is based on several factors including volatility and correlation studies.Trading courses designed for the beginner to experienced traders worldwide by the Market leaders.

Price action Trading Strategy

Even without using indicators you can make profits in Forex markets. Price action Trading is all about analyzing support and resistance zones through naked prices and more..

  • Trend Surfing Strategy

    24/5 - Chat & Here we find the latest moves of the Forex market and trends that leads towards successful trading. Rather than entering into the market at some unexpected levels and then struggling to close it at breakeven, we enter strategically & close at early so can take other positions.consider proper Risk: Reward Ratio while trading.To be a successful trader one should follow a strategy and utilize it wisely.

  • Accuracy

    Provoiding you most filtered & accurate market trends.

  • Signals Covers

    12 Major Pairs & 4 Commodity Pairs.

  • Receive Best Trading Signals

    Via SMS, WhatsApp and Email.

  • Executive Members

    Total 26 Expert works with us in 5 Major Countries.

  • Forex Trading Signals

    from Ex-Bank & Industry Traders.

  • Receive Exact Trade Entry

    Take-Profit and Stop-Loss. With our Signals your Trades are more Profitable.

  • Not Profitable with our live Signals

    Just Contact Us on refund@tradesfactory.com will Refund your Amount without asking any Questions.

How Trades Factory Work?

Step 1

Receive the Signals & Analyse the trend.

Step 2

Execute the order.

Step 3

Close the trade/ book profits.

Our Ethics

Trades Factory - Pro Plans

(Pro-plan) Pro Plan is very accurate and cost free, you don’t wait for our signals, our Professional team will execute orders on your platform at exact price at News Time and also Short & Long Trades, you just monitor your account and stay free. In this Pro-Plan you’ll not miss any single Signals, all orders will be placed by our expert team depending on Market Movement, Major Impact News and Countries Economy.

Frequently asked Question

All signals are sent via SMS, Whatsapp to your indicate Mobile Phone. We also send a duplicate backup signal to your registered email. We send signals under these circumstances: when there is a buy/sell signal, if the order is modified, and if the order needs to be closed at a different value than the originally stated.
Here are the top 5 reasons you should use TradesFactory.com Signals.

1.PROFITABILITY – We won all months on this 2 years, and so far we have only 1 losing week. Finally the end of the month we are in Profits.

2.FREEDOM & STRESS LESS – Average of 4 signals per Day! Enjoy your life AND your money!

3. SIGNAL UPDATES – We send you SMS whenever a trade opens or is modified, so you do not need to guess what is happening.

4. HONESTY – Our results are 100% real time and true.

5. SIMPLE – No second interpretations. All trades have specific stop losses, and targets. What we get you will get.
We believe that anyone should use our service. We have customers from the 100% novice traders to well-seasoned professionals
Yes, we close all our order on the day of trade usually by 12.30 PM (GMT). We may close before or after the provided time depending on market movement. So our clients need not think about order pending.
We give our signal via SMS and our client’s email, after sending our signal we give market updates also if our signal gets loss we Give instant 2nd Signal to recovery this loss after close our signal 100% profit for our client. So our perform are always give minimum profit for our client.
Yes, we have a guideline for use our signal if you use our guideline we make profit 100% with our signal.
Please Mail contact@tradesfactory.com for more information.

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