About us

At TRADES FACTORY, We bring you a platform for different Trading styles globally through our holistic approach to deliver a complete integrated pack of learning & and earning services, Our motive is to help traders worldwide with unique trading strategies, money management and risk appetite issues related to their complex finance.
“Inspite of your prior preferences you may have indifferent & unique & complicated financial situation that requires the guidance of an experienced financial advisor, so Here WE are”​
Our services are designed for newbies, Service class, business class, high net worth individuals, those who are looking for a disciplined and easy to follow trading plan & those having significant dreams & aspirations; that includes everyone. We have the experts to help you resolve the complex issues in most reliable & easy manner.
We bring transparent realistic approach to help traders safeguard their finance and future aspirations & so that they can realize their worth
Join this community for resources, events, learning, guidance and get one step closer to your dream.
We on daily basis analyze the market for the highest probability trading setup based on our years of experience and testing.

What makes us stand out from the crowd-

As a trader, you have no direction if you don’t understand the working of the market. After years of analysis, disappointments and reviews, we have the experience of independent traders with certain strategies and credibility.We monitor and trade using the 4 hour, 8 hour, and everyday time frames . These offers the best combination of success and frequency giving various opportunities to swing traders. The indifferent trade will last anywhere from 2 to 7 days. We send out our signals well in advance and use limit order entries. Our working model allows our clients enough time to receive and place trades. We use a professional form, combined with three key elements:price movements, support and resistance points, and the extensive use of structural trading.

Process to get started:

  • Connect to us if you like our approach and system
  • Get in touch with your personalized Relationship Manager and Training Analyst
  • Avail high end tools & performance enhancer
  • Practice and build hands on experience with live market sessons

Forex Signal System

One of our core principle is to always enter trades with limit orders. We do not prefer chasing trades, instead we want price to come down the expected price which we analyse and set. This greatly benefits our members as they don’t get affected with slightest time difference while executing the trades with our signals. We provide all the beneficial information like Exact Entry, Stop and Target on all trades.

  • Profitable and most accurate trading signals with customised risk management for every member
  • Access to the exclusive forex and comex trade ideas as per your unique trading style. The selection of trade alerts from these pairs is based on several factors including volatility and correlation studies. Trading Courses Beginner, Intermediate & Expert level trading courses specially designed by the Experienced educators.
  • Work with the live market & earn by scanning the market on various parameters.
  • Follow experienced analysts, learn altogether, Save your time & efforts by precised & filtered study materials and sessions.