Based on our knowledge and experience of past 10+ years in financial advisory services, we have developed a new system to generate the best trading signals in Bursa Malaysia market. Our model provides the best possible trades available in counters with proper entry and exit levels.

How do I receive the Signal?

You can expect 8-10 recommendations in a month with not more than two open positions at a single point of time. The investment amount is RM 20000 for this product and the ratio of investment in two open positions should be 50:50.

When and how will I exit the position?

The trades will be closed either at the gain of 14% in the signal or on T+2nd working day as the case may be.

How will my portfolio risk be managed?

We are having an investment of RM 20000 and as per our data analysis the portfolio risk has not gone beyond 9% over past one year. Also, the risk will be managed by hedging mechanism which is inherently built in the strategy.

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