Forex Premium

Forex Previlege is a Special product in which the client is able to select the type of services he/she is looking for i.e for Short Term, Mid Term or long Term specifically in the Forex Market.

What: Tailor made service with dedicated financial analyst for Currency Market, Recommendations in all forex pairs based on technical analysis.

Whom: For Traders who want to trade in all currency pairs

Ideal for: Ideal for clients looking for personalized solution with dedicated financial analyst for all their forex trading needs

Product Description: Designed to provide personalized 1-2 Forex Recommendation on daily basis


Minimum Investment – 10000 USD

Recommendation Frequency – 18-20  recommendations

Mode of recommendation – SMS & WhatsApp

Follow-Up – Yes


BUY 1  LOTOF EUR USD ABOVE 1.1860 WITH SL OF 1.1830 TGT 1.1910

BUY 1 LOT OF CHFJPY ABOVE 117.16 WITH SLOF 116.80 TGT 117.40

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US$ 1000

US$ 2500

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